Water-based printing inks
for the highest standards.

ARCOLOR develops innovative and tailor-made products for common printing processes and digital printing.
As a development partner for our customers and machine builders, we are continuously developing new solutions for future market and customer needs.

the best.

Ready for the future.

Printing inks, varnishes and auxiliaries/additives for decors, packaging, wallpaper, films and for other common printing and digital applications.

With our extensive industry know-how, state-of-the-art technologies, innovations and ongoing investments, we have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of water-based printing inks since we were founded in 1996.

ARCOLOR is a global market leader in the field of decor printing inks.

Products & solutions

Combining the best.

Our success? Our guiding principle: Always combining the best.
We are only satisfied when we supply our customers in all areas of the company with the best components:

Whether it be the selection of raw materials, the design of our products, the configuration of production processes, the hiring of new employees or the selection of partner companies.
We do not compromise.

Natural product for high-tech solutions.

ARCOLOR has taken traditional knowledge of the natural material casein as a binder, developed it further and combined it with innovative high-tech solutions for most demanding printing requirements.

Our printing inks are water-based and practically solvent-free. Wherever possible, they are made from organic pigments and natural binders.

By using state-of-the-art high-tech production processes, our products are consistent with the environment and economic efficiency of the company.

Ink production with
state-of-the-art technology.

ARCOLOR produces its products in line with highest quality, ecological and ergonomic standards. We are synonymous with constant quality at a very high level, so that our customers can rely on us at any time.

This is made possible by a stringent quality policy. All our process steps, from raw materials to finished products, are tested against very strict quality criteria using the latest measuring equipment. Continuously investing in state-of-the-art production technologies and a high degree of automation reduces quality fluctuations to a minimum. We react quickly and flexibly to various requirements, ranging from 25 kg deliveries right up to tanker deliveries. We make the impossible possible.


4. December 2023
We are supporting «Landscheide – Residential Home and Workplace»

Instead of sending Christmas cards, we would like to support people living and working in a sheltered environment because of a disability.

17. October 2023
Water-based inks for napkins and table decor

Bright colors, subtle hues, seasonal color schemes – napkins and paper towels are designed to be eye-catching. The requirements are demanding as far as raw materials and ink production are concerned. ARCOLOR can provide the solution with its new AR HYG printing ink system.

17. October 2023
Barrier coatings for direct contact with food

Protecting the environment plays a pivotal role in the manufacture of packaging. Regulations in the food industry, for instance, are stringent, which is why barrier coatings are becoming increasingly important. They ensure that packaged products retain their quality and freshness. We have extensive expertise in this area.