the best.

Water-based printing inks
for the highest standards.

ARCOLOR develops innovative and tailor-made products for common printing processes and digital printing.

We are experts in water-based printing inks, varnishes and other auxiliaries/additives for decors, packaging, wallpaper, films and other applications.

We are a global market leader in the field of decor printing inks.

As a development partner for our customers and machine builders, we constantly work together to develop new solutions for future market and customer needs.

Our history:

1996Company founded in Waldstatt in the canton of Appenzell AR, Switzerland
2007Acquisition of a new building in Waldstatt with state-of-the-art production facilities, laboratories and offices
2011Arcolor Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. founded in China
2019Quzhou Arcolor New Material Co., Ltd. founded in China with its own production facilities
2020Completion of the new extension for production, laboratories and offices in Waldstatt

Corporate Policy
Code of Conduct

ARCOLOR - ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001 Zertifikat

Ready for excellence.

ARCOLOR is a success-oriented company and invests continuously in its employees. We consciously promote individual self-responsibility because the performance of each individual is one of the most important contributions to the success of ARCOLOR. Teamwork is of great importance: By working with each other and with mutual respect, the best possible solutions are produced with passion.

That’s why ARCOLOR is synonymous with:

  • Competent partnership in all technical and commercial matters
  • Focus on solutions for customer-specific challenges
  • High and constant quality
  • Maximum delivery performance

We are proud that we put our philosophy into practice every single day: Through innovation, customer service and quality, but also through sustainability and close relationship to our partners.

ARCOLOR has been recognized several times as a SWISS TOP EMPLOYER.

ARCOLOR - Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2017 - Kategorie 50-99 Mitarbeitende ARCOLOR - Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2019 - Kategorie 50-99 Mitarbeitende

For the world of tomorrow.

In recognition of our environmental responsibility, we produce as environmentally friendly as we do economically. The ecological ARCOLOR inks are water-based, practically solvent-free and contain, where possible, the natural substance casein, which is found in milk, as a binding agent. Our production processes are highly automated and optimized for high energy recovery.

Thanks to ever increasing environmental awareness, the need for water-based inks as a replacement for solvent-based systems is growing all the time.
In this area, ARCOLOR sees itself as a pioneer of sustainable economic development.

Our production has been CO2 neutral since 2016. Our photovoltaic system covers a part of our energy requirements. We compensate for the rest of the energy required by supporting a project run by the Swiss SME Clima Foundation. This includes afforestation of a fallow area in Uruguay.

ARCOLOR KMU Clima Certificate Certificate

State-of-the-art technologies and maximum quality.

Thanks to ongoing investments in the very latest technologies, ARCOLOR’s production facilities and laboratories are always state-of-the-art. Our close partnerships with technology leaders not only enable a high degree of automation with maximum quality, but also continuous access to the very latest technologies. For example, we use the most advanced measurement techniques from the fields of rheology and color metrics to ensure the quality of the inks.

In order to be able to act quickly and in a targeted manner, we attach great importance to internal communication with people at the center. Ergonomic operator solutions ensure good interaction between people and technology. The production processes are geared toward our employees. They control and monitor the processes with a high degree of self-responsibility and are responsible for the quality of our products.

From the Swiss Appenzellerland
to the whole world.

We are particularly proud of the production site in Waldstatt in the picturesque Appenzellerland of Switzerland. We are very passionate about Swiss quality and innovation. We produce our products in line with the highest quality, ecological and ergonomic standards. Our company is characterized by comprehensive know-how and great flexibility in production. Continuous investments and further development have made us one of the world’s largest manufacturers of water-based printing inks. Innovative solutions for future market needs and requirements continue to inspire us.

Export from the rural municipality of Waldstatt to the whole world: This is the success story of ARCOLOR.