Water-based inks for napkins and table decor
17. October 2023

Top-class ink series

ARCOLOR, a leading supplier of water-based ink systems for decorative surfaces, packaging and industrial inkjet applications, is launching a new ink series for napkins, paper towels and related tissue products. The new AR HYG ink system is the culmination of joint development efforts by processors, certification institutes and ARCOLOR.

The AR HYG Series 460 not only meets the stringent regulatory requirements imposed on applications involving short-term, direct contact with foodstuffs, but also the demands for high-quality printing solutions. The series has been developed using a water-based formulation with environmental considerations in mind. Since it avoids the use of organic solvents, it is also suitable for printing on compostable substrates (DIN EN 13432).

The ink series has been certified by ISEGA for the use in food contact materials (FCM) and complies with the Swiss Food Contact Materials Ordinance (SR 817.023.21), the current EU Framework Regulation 1935/2004, as well as the recently adopted German Printing Inks Ordinance. It also meets the requirements for various organic certifications, such as “OK compost”.

With AR HYG, ARCOLOR can now supply an ink system with a high degree of tinting strength and clarity that complies with both the requirements for color fastness specified in EN 646:2019-02, and the limits recommended by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) for the concentration of primary aromatic amines (PaA). The new series sets itself apart thanks to its low drying temperature, tack adhesiveness, and minimal odor levels.

The AR HYG series comprises the following products:

Product name Color indices
AR HYG YELLOW greenish low PaA 12000-460
AR HYG YELLOW middle low PaA 12200-460
AR HYG ORANGE low PaA 21001-460
AR HYG RED yellowish low PaA 32501-460
AR HYG MAGENTA low PaA 35201-460
AR HYG PINK low PaA 38001-460
AR HYG VIOLET low PaA 43001-460
AR HYG REFLEXBLUE low PaA 50001-460
AR HYG CYAN low PaA 51000-460
AR HYG GREEN low PaA 60101-460
AR HYG BLACK low PaA 72600-460
AR HYG WHITE low PaA 80500-460


  • Outstanding adhesion, easy application, dries quickly
  • Ultra-pigmented ink systems for vibrant color shades
  • Suitable for short-term direct food contact (DIN EN 646)
  • High resistance to abrasion as specified by DIN 54607
  • Complies with primary aromatic amine levels
  • VOC-free
  • Low foam formation
  • Easy cleaning

We can provide on-site analysis, colorimetry and process optimization services, advice on implementing dosing systems, and also identify solutions and potential savings for reusing left-over inks.

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