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11. April 2023

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White has become increasingly important in water-based decor gravure printing in recent years – be it for high-opacity, spot overprinting on the decor design or for producing unicolor designs on decor paper. ARCOLOR provides a solution with high-quality products for all of these applications.

Titanium dioxide is used as the pigment. Due to its high density of 3.6 g/cm³, it generally settles in a water-based matrix over time. Years ago, ARCOLOR succeeded in stabilizing this matrix to such an extent that settling takes place much later. Another advantage is that our products do not form blockages when they settle, but are present as finely dispersed sediments instead. They can therefore be stirred without problems to make them usable to the customer again. These products are also used worldwide by our customers, despite long transport distances or storage times at customer locations.

Another advantage stands out from the point of view of the decor printer: The adhesion of the pigment is very pronounced. This means that the product does not become “chalky” after printing, and no major deposits on turning cylinders or dust accumulation on the printing machine occur. This in turn saves time and money for cleaning and change over.



AR DECO-White – optimum flatness for unicolor print applications

These products have been developed expressly for the production of unicolor prints. They produce extremely high opacity with optimum flatness in the printing process. Such printed products also have excellent air permeability according to Gurley. This makes rapid and high-quality core impregnation possible.

The white can be mixed with our AR DECO inks. Designers have a large color space for unicolor printing at their disposal which contains almost the entire range of possibilities.


AR DECO-White – highly opaque for overprint applications

These products were developed for “On-top decor” overprint applications and impress with their outstanding opacity and first-class adhesion values. The printing viscosity can be adjusted accordingly by adding extender and water. Maximum coverage is achieved at both slow and fast printing speeds as a result. In this way, a wide range of options are available to designers such as contours, liming with pore-structure cylinders and so on.


AR DECO-White – especially for surface printing on thin papers

These products were developed to make maximum opacity possible on thin papers (Japanese papers) with multiple unicolor surface printing layers applied on top of one another. Very high adhesion between the individual print layers is achieved as well as to the lacquer coating. The white can also be mixed with our AR DECO inks and extender. This provides numerous possible applications.


Various applications with white


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