White water-based digital printing ink
17. April 2023

White against a dark background

Thanks to the rapid development of water-based digital printing for industrial applications using “Piezo Drop on Demand” technology, an increasing number of new applications are emerging. The premium digital printing inks from ARCOLOR play an important part when it comes to fulfilling the highest decor industry criteria. Print quality, setting stability and printing consistency is given.

Until now, digital printing mainly concentrated on the CMYK color garment plus customized colors, which hampered design development when non-white substrates were being used. The reason: A light background has always been a prerequisite for achieving a particular color.

This problem is currently solved either by selecting a white substrate or using appropriate analog white printing beforehand. This second alternative in particular increases the overall complexity and the costs (additional analog process, bigger batch sizes, high-precision registration alignment, more waste and storage capacity etc.).

ARCOLOR makes it possible

We have developed a water-based white digital printing ink which makes it possible to print on non-white substrates such as brown paper, cardboard, films, wood, dark decor papers and so on, precisely where it is required in the relevant image underneath the required color. This makes flexible development and production of novel designs possible.

Inks with FCM capability can also be considered upon request.

Applications in the areas of corrugated cardboard, packaging, decor, films, labels, etc. are also possible.

Or have you also given any thought to printing on dark or even black substrates?

This opens up entirely new possibilities for designs and eye-catchers.

Two products

Opaque white for applications requiring strong opacity: Back-printing of films, wallpaper, general overprinting of non-white or transparent substrates

Mixed white for applications with semitransparent Pantone® inks

the best.


Despite their high pigment loads, both products are also suitable for single-pass digital printing machines. They have outstanding adhesion on absorbent substrates, so that even with material bending of 90 to 180 degrees, no detachment or crack formation occurs in the white printing. For decor printing applications, we achieve the necessary heat resistance and the required high degree of light-fastness.

With the aid of state-of-the-art technologies and processes, ARCOLOR has developed the product to such an extent that the pigment remains stable in the printing ink for a long time. Practically no sedimentation takes place as a result. If the product sits for a long time and forms sedimentation, it can be stirred to restore its original stability. “Purging” can be used to prevent blockage of the print head nozzles, since the components do not produce irreversible clumping. Recirculating print heads must be used when using white.

In our state-of-the-art digital print technical center, appropriate “Proof of Concepts” with different print heads and drying units can be flexibly tested in close cooperation with customers, machine manufacturers and other parties involved in the value chain.


We are pleased to hear about your ideas.

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