We are celebrating our anniversary
7. October 2021

ARCOLOR has been in business for 25 years

A start-up based in eastern Switzerland quickly became a global producer of water-based printing inks. One year after its foundation, i.e. in 1997, the very first shipment of ink left the production hall in Waldstatt. Four years later, annual ink production was 7,000 tons; two years after that it had increased to 12,500 tons.

And we have grown steadily since then. Today, we are a global market leader in the field of water-based decor printing inks. The number of employees has risen from five at the very beginning to 90 worldwide today. Our emphasis on innovation and the continuous development of our products are two essential pillars of our success. We are very proud of this success.

Our anniversary provides us with the opportunity to look back on what we have achieved. We remember challenges, recall groundbreaking decisions and look back with fondness on the opportunities we have seized. Our timeline presents important milestones on our journey so far.

People are well underway in life once they reach 25. They have already experienced a lot, but much more lies ahead. The same applies to ARCOLOR: We have achieved a lot, but we never stop looking forward to bigger and better things.

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